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Lot 8224 Bukit Tunku


Lot 8224 Bukit Tunku

Located in the upper-class residential area in Kuala Lumpur and on a hilly and contoured site, this bunga­low is designed in a way that it takes the advantage of the contours and translates them into the segrega­tion of private and public spaces. The basement floor becomes carpark and storage area while the ground floor houses the active spaces for entertaining guests. home office where the owner meets with clients and the outside displays relaxing landscape design.

Building type

Proposed 3-storey Bungalow with lower ground parking and roof garden on Lot 8224, Bukit Tunku, W.P Kuala Lumpur

Client/ Owner

JRD Properties Sdn Bhd

The design of the bungalow aims to stand in line with the iconic meaning Bukit Tunku holds. The households different characters on each of its sides to create variations of rhythms all around.