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The MVT Condominium incorporates local visuals and textures into its built form. A study on historical evolution of Phnom Penh city maps that clear diviĀ­sion between modern and traditional buildings occur in segregation of development quarters. This development in Tuol Kork aims to challenge that by taking in locally and historically-significant elements and shape them into a modern development.

This ensures that the development will be relatal:fo to the locals as well as outsiders without becoming an alien to the historical city.

Proposed 29-storey Condominium, witll commercial units on Ground Floor and 4-storey podium parking in Tuol Kork. Phnom Penh

Building type

29-Storey Condominium with commercials units on Ground Floor and 4-storey podium parking

Emerging as a classy high-rise in the heart of Phnom Penh's rapidly-budding development district, the MVT Condominium takes preceĀ­dents from the local city grid and various historically significant elements.