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Weinan Multi-Cultural City


Weinan Multi-Cultural City

The Weinan Multi-Cultural City master plan is lo­cated within the Xi'an Province in China. which covers efforts to refine the physical environment, and improve human and vehicular traffic flow and access. provide conducive and profitable work­ing and living environments, facilitiate sustainable development and reduce maintenance and life cycle costs.

The masterplan is derived based on the local au­thority framework and will also catalyst for the de­velopments to come.

Incorporating cultural elements within the plan­ning is vital to address with various development parameters such as its location near Chishui Old City and the major expressways that goes throught the site.

Client / Owner

Weinan Multi-Cultural City

Building type

Proposed 769-acre Masterplan in Weinan, Xi'an Province, China

A new city with some relations to historical values of the Xi'an Province requires well-justified development plan. Besides improving the site's outlook, the masterplan involves injection of new activities such as green waterfront development and theme park.